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Poster printing is one of the most popular services provided by Superchrome. Posters are a smaller format than billboards but they can still communicate information effectively and economically. Whether you need to advertise seasonal reductions, announce the launch of a new service, and promote a charity fundraising, cultural or sporting event – poster printing is the answer!

Main applications of poster printing

backlits by superchrome MARKETING - Poster advertising is a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness amongst a target audience particularly at trade shows and in commercial areas. When running a major national campaign, poster printing with its low print runs and quick turnaround, enables customisation of the promotion to suit local conditions.

RETAIL – Poster printing is an easy and fast way to launch new products; create visual aids for merchandising and point of sale display and announce forthcoming sales. Outdoor posters in shopping malls often serve as a final reminder of a brand name, product or service just before the point of purchase.

PHOTOGRAPHERS – Poster printing provides a cost effective solution for professional photographers to set up an exhibition or art school graduates to show case their work. Posters are also very popular with amateur photographers looking for an affordable way to display their talent by creating original wall art.

LOCAL PROMOTIONS - An eye catching poster offers an attractive way of communicating messages about local events and sales promotions to local residents, commuter traffic and pedestrians.

Superchrome poster printing services

Whether you need a few posters for an exhibition or hundreds to promote a new service or cultural event, Superchrome’s poster printing service is the answer. We print posters for conferences, trade shows, seminars, retail display and commercial premises. Superchrome can supply any size or type of poster for temporary or permanent display, indoors or outside. We also print on clear or matt film for backlit posters. A0 Poster Printing | A1 Poster Printing | A2 Poster Printing | A3 Poster Printing

Cheap Digital Poster Printing Services

Superchrome offers a fast and reliable service at a competitive price. We specialise in large format digital printing which makes full colour poster printing affordable even for small runs. We can print weather resistant outdoor posters using durable UV resistant high quality inks onto a wide variety of substrates including canvas, vinyl, fabrics, satin, clear or matt film and white or coloured coated, uncoated and glossy paper. Poster printing is supplied in any size from A2 to 100x200cm depending on your requirements.

Additional services

Once your posters have been printed, we can laminate them to make them graffiti- resistant and weatherproof or mount them for display in galleries. We can also create adhesive vinyl posters to stick on walls and exhibition stands

Why you should choose Superchrome

Superchrome can offer its poster printing customers:
  • Cheap and efficient service
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Various  sizes available including custom sizes and large format
  • Weather resistant inks and waterproof substrates for outdoor use
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