Banner printing is one of the most frequently requested services by
Superchrome’s clients. It’s not hard to understand why. Whether it is to
promote an event, development project, new shop launch or private party,
banner printing can be used to announce, market and communicate your
message, improve perception of your company’s brand image and capture
the attention of existing and potential clients

Banner Printing Finishes

Superchrome offers a top quality banner printing service with low production costs and fast turnaround times. Using
the latest printing technology, we can produce high quality banners up to 5m wide. Banners can be printed with dye
inks for indoor use or UV inks and solvent inks for maximum performance in all weather outdoors.

If you are looking for something specific, custom designed banner printing may be the answer. We will happily guide
you through the choices of services we offer and find a bespoke banner printing solution to suit your specification and
budget. Why not call our friendly team of banner print experts to discuss your next project?

Pre-designed vinyl banner templates are also available as an affordable option for special events such as birthdays,
anniversaries and weddings.

Banner Printing Finishes

We can supply banners with a matt, gloss or satin finish. Anti graffiti laminates can be applied to banners for additional
protection, especially if intended for use on outdoor sites. Once the banner printing process is over, the banner is
trimmed with extra material left around for finishing with reinforced hems. Pole pockets and/or reinforced eyelets are
options we offer to facilitate hanging.

Banner Printing Substrates

Banners can be printed on a number of substrates including vinyl, PVC and fabric.
Superchrome offers the following types of banner printing:

VINYL BANNERS are one of the lease expensive types of banners and therefore commonly used for temporary
outdoor advertising, retail promotion and event signage.

PVC BANNERS are weather resistant with anti-fade properties so they can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

OUTDOOR BANNERS are printed using dye inks for maximum weather resistance on fully hemmed heavy duty vinyl
material. Available in any size up to 5 metres wide, an outdoor banner is ideal for large outdoor signage and eye
catching advertising.

MESH BANNERS are made of perforated vinyl which allows air to flow through. They have been designed specifically
for outdoor use in windy locations such as construction sites and the sides of buildings because the fabric and
printing process offer maximum resistance to tearing, UV light and wind damage.

INDOOR BANNERS are usually printed using high resolution grommet indoor vinyl and are ideal for museum signage,
events, trade show displays and in store marketing. They offer great flexibility in the design of display signage.

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