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Mesh banner graphics are an excellent alternative to conventional fabric or vinyl banners particularly for long term outdoor use. Their durability and flexibility lend themselves to a wide variety of applications for indoor and external use. Mesh banner graphics go by a few other names depending on usage, including building wraps and scaffolding banners.

Uses of Mesh Banner Graphics

vinyl lettering done for wembley stadium by superchrome ADVERTISINGMesh banner graphics are widely employed by many advertising agencies for large outdoor promotional displays. Their high visibility and relatively low cost makes them a particularly effective means of conveying marketing messages to large audiences.

CONSTRUCTIONMesh banner graphics (also known as building wraps) are applied to scaffolding or building facades on construction sites to provide information about what the building will look like. The eye-catching design of mesh banner graphics can enhance the appearance of the building it is displayed on, making it more attractive particularly when it is used to disguise scaffolding.

EVENTSPVC mesh banner graphics are often used as backdrops for conferences, theatres, music festivals and outdoor stage performances because they are lightweight and easy to hang.

Mesh Banner Graphics - Advantages

DURABILITY - Mesh PVC is the preferred material for large outdoor applications where safety of the installation and wind-load are a primary consideration. The fabric has hundreds of small perforations that allow air to flow through the mesh. This reduces the load placed on the structure or building and on the mesh itself so it is very durable and highly resistant to wind damage. UV RESISTANCE - Superchrome mesh banner graphics are printed using solvent inks for photo-realistic quality and increased resistance to fading, to ensure they retain their vibrant colours longer.

LOW WEIGHT – The low weight of PVC mesh banner graphics makes them ideal for extra large applications such as building wraps and stage backdrops.

H&S – Mesh banner fabric is flame retardant and complies with Health & Safety and Fire Regulations

Superchrome mesh banner graphics services

Superchrome has many years of experience in the field of mesh banner graphics. We are equipped with the latest technology which enables us to create banners of any required size including extra wide format at affordable prices. We can design, print and install mesh banner graphics that are extremely durable and withstand harsh weather conditions. Superchrome mesh banner graphics come with reinforced hems as standard, with optional reinforced eyelets or pole pockets for ease of fixing.
Superchrome also offers an installation service using our specially trained and experienced installers who can install your mesh banner securely on site in a short time to meet agreed deadlines. Features
  • light weight
  • fire retardant
  • weather resistant and durable
  • reinforced hems
  • fixings.included as standard – choice of reinforced eyelets or pole pockets 


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