Banner Stand Display

Banner Stand Display

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With more than ten years’ expertise in the field, Superchrome has established itself as one of the leading UK companies in the production of portable banner stand display such as pop up stands, banner stands and panel systems for trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. 

Uses of banner stands

A banner stand display is a realistic cost-effective alternative to expensive modular stands to show advertising graphics and get your marketing message across effectively. They are ideal for:
  • new product launches
  • point-of-sale displays
  • in-store promotions and sampling
  • road shows and corporate events
  • events, particularly exhibitions and conferences

Superchrome banner stand range

banner stand displaySuperchrome's lightweight, retractable banner stand display range offers numerous display configurations that enable you to set off your products to advantage.  All our banner stands have several features in common - they are extremely durable, portable and quick and easy to assemble. Their stunning, eye catching graphics are bound to make an impact at any event.

  • Specification

Superchrome banner stand display products come several heights and a wide variety of widths, ranging from 600 mm to 1500 mm. Custom sizes can also be ordered to fit specific locations. We offer a choice of single-sided or double-sided graphic displays for each type of banner. For banner stands intended for outdoor display, we use UV and water resistant inks embedded in durable hard wearing materials so your display graphics will retain their vibrant colours longer.

  • Substrates

Banners can be printed on heavy duty vinyl, PVC, mesh fabric, canvas or textiles to suit a variety of applications. Our staff can advise you on the best choice of material depending on your specification.

Types of banner stands supplied

Roller or retractable banner stands have a recoil mechanism that allows the banner to be rewound back into the base of the banner stand. A pole banner stand is more basic, lacking a recoil mechanism and the banner cannot be rewound into the base. Twist stands are named after their main feature which is the ability to link two stands using twisted frames. Pop up banner stands come in curved or straight profiles with easy to assemble magnetic fittings and optional lighting and shelving. Tabletop and countertop banner stands displays are the smallest and can be placed on tables or flat surfaces.


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