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What is meant by Mounting and Laminating?

Mounting is the process of using adhesive to fix a print to a solid rigid material which is known as a substrate. It converts printed artwork into a finished display which is ready to hang. Mounting on card has been common practice for framing photographs and prints for hundreds of years but nowadays more modern materials such as foam board or Foamex are becoming increasingly popular for temporary displays because they are cheap and lightweight. Other, more long lasting, lightweight materials like Dibond and aluminium may be used where framing is undesirable for aesthetic or weight reasons.

Laminating is the process of bonding a thin transparent plastic film to any visual material which can confer vital properties to prints including special barriers, coatings, tear resistance and protection from moisture and abrasion. Lamination is used primarily to protect images and make them more durable. It is widely employed for outdoor displays to afford protection from the weather and for displays in high traffic areas to minimise damage. Anti-graffiti lamination is also available if required. Prints can be laminated a number of techniques according to the nature of the materials and the desired properties.

Services Superchrome offers

mounting and laminating servicesSuperchrome’s mounting and laminating facility is a logical extension to our full colour digital printing and large format printing services. We strive to provide complete solutions to all your mounting and laminating needs using the latest equipment to offer the best in mounting and laminating.
Recognized as one of the leading digital printing companies, Superchrome offers excellent mounting and laminating services at very competitive prices for banners, posters, photos, signs, displays, and artwork. Our skilled and highly experienced staff have unparalleled knowledge and expertise for all your dry mounting and laminating needs.


Today, a wide range of mounting and laminating options is available to suit your specifications and budget. Photos or artwork of different sizes such as A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 can be mounted on a foamex panel for a smooth display of your graphics. Foamex comes in various thicknesses: 1 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, or 10mm. We can also mount onto acrylic, Dibond and hoarding grade material - thicknesses range from 1mm right through to 10mm.
We offer two types of mounting for your photographs or digital prints:
  • Mechanically using Printmount film.  This process can be used to mount any existing photos or prints you have as well as newly commissioned artwork
  • Printing onto self adhesive vinyl which is then applied to the substrate of your choice.


Laminating is done to ensure better protection from wear and tear for artwork, making it highly durable and waterproof. It’s not always essential to have lamination as we use eco solvent inks and these inks embed into the media which stops any marking. The laminate is for that extra protection from marks, rubbing and scratching in public spaces with heavy traffic or if outdoor graphics are likely to be exposed to extreme weather conditions.
Laminating can improve the appearance as well as the life of your photograph or artwork. The lamination method we use to provide a special protective coating is quick and efficient. Laminate is available in matte or gloss finish.


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