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Superchrome - taxi wrap specialists

With many years of professional graphic designing experience, Superchrome has established itself as a major player in the custom taxi wrap industry. Creating high-quality custom taxi graphics of all types and sizes is our specialty. Superchrome can also assist you with vehicle graphics for cars, buses, trucks, and vans. We promise the fastest possible delivery with projects normally being completed within 2-3 weeks.
Superchrome uses large format digital printing for taxi wraps. Digital printing produces prints directly from a computer, which avoids the requirement for photographic film proofs. This also makes possible for you to obtain first-class mobile advertising solutions at very reasonable prices.
Superchrome can supply graphics for any model of taxi. Once the printing process is completed, our skilled installers help you fit the taxi wraps to specifications highlighting the best aspects of the design.

Taxi wraps are made from computer cut standard coloured vinyls which are backed with special adhesive that holds the custom wraps tightly in place without damaging the vehicle’s paint. Each sticky wrap comes with a protective coating that enables it to withstand harsh climate and UV degradation.

Advantages of taxi wraps

  • Guaranteed  life span of more than five years
  • High UV and weather resistance
  • Adhesive does not damage vehicle paint
  • Unlike paint, our taxi wraps are easily removable at any time.
  • Can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners

Other services offered

  • Nue-thru type decals - used to cover the windows as part of vinyl vehicle wraps. The tiny holes in the vinyl allow the driver to see through to outside.
  • Taxi top advertising panels - designed for the roofs of taxicabs. Our 14”H x 48”W illuminated panels are two sided.
  • Vinyl bus wraps  - can be adapted for any model of bus


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