Computer Graphic Designer

Computer Graphic Designer

Do you need a computer graphic designer to help you design your exhibition, trade show or seminar business graphics? Superchrome is one of the leading large format printing companies, and the top supplier of exhibition displays, stands and graphics in the UK and worldwide.

Computer Graphic Designer

Our computer graphic designer can design stunning graphics for your business or exhibition and print out a full range of products depending on your needs. We design company logos, brands and advertising campaigns. We advise on colour schemes, substrates and the best ways of displaying your graphics.

A Computer Graphic Designer is Full of Big Ideas

All you need is an outline of your design or even just a tiny idea. Our computer graphic designer will take your ideas or outline, expand them and create a design using the latest computer design software. Choose from colour, black and white and different fonts. Your business will not need to worry about changing the design or reprinting it as it will be stored on CD or memory card so that you can take it away, email it and when your business needs their logo or company graphics design updated all you need to do is contact Superchrome’s computer graphic designer!

Computer Graphic Designer and then Print

Once our in house computer graphic designer has completed the design, Superchrome will print it onto a variety of substrates.

  • PVC Banners – as large as you wish
  • Mesh Banners – even larger, for tall buildings and windy areas
  • Posters – blue backed, framed
  • Calendars and Brochures
  • Signage – printing direct onto Foamex
  • Canvas – artistic grade and 100% cotton
  • Canvas – for backdrops
  • Exhibition displays – boards, posters, signage and interchangeable
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Window self adhesive graphics
  • Photographic papers – all brands
  • Backlits – change your graphics easily
  • Flag banners

We also supply banner stands for indoor and outdoor with high portability.

Order your Computer Graphic Designer today

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