graphic designers

graphic designers

graphic designers Superchrome opens to you the world of graphic designing and printing. You can choose the best solutions for billboards, books, magazines, packaging, business cards, multimedia presentations, brochures, exhibition graphics and web site designing for the Internet. Superchrome makes this possible because of its talented and skilled group of graphic designers.
The group of graphic designers will plan the strategy and create visual solutions to solve your communication needs. They are capable of deciding most effective ways to communicate in print, electronic, and film media using innovative methods with colors, font types, illustrations, photographs, animations. Our graphic designers are there to help you with design solutions from branding, corporate logos and web sites to stationery, presentation folders and exhibition stands and graphics as well as packaging.
Graphic designers are people with a keen desire to excel in creativity. They combine practical knowledge with artistic skill to transform abstract ideas into creative masterpieces. Superchrome’s graphic designers create new and clear graphic designs with appealing styles for products, packages or for advertising needs.

Our graphic designers at Superchrome are very imaginative, using the latest computer design software packages to produce different designs which can attract the customers to the products of the client. They do not merely design anything but will consider carefully the cultural, physical and social factors when planning and executing designs appropriate for a given context. The graphic designers are trained to work under time pressures, defined budget schemes and design limits to produce quality material. The graphic designers are able to understand the needs of the corporate world and our graphic designs are universally accepted because they are cost effective too.

Come and discuss your graphic design requirements in more details, you can always contact our graphic designers and have live chat with them at 020 7237 9333 or fax 0207 237 9444 or email


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