Building Wraps

Building Wraps


Advertise your business with building wraps

When you want to make a statement, but don't want to blow your entire marketing budget on one ad, then you should look at using building wraps. This form of advertising is becoming increasingly popular with advertising agencies, businesses and event organisers, because they can make a real impact where one is needed, catching the attention of your target market. For any type of promotion or simply to get more people buying your products or services, there is nothing more spectacular, and more cost-effective, than getting a building wrap with your company name and logo on it.

Using the latest printing technology to create outstanding building wraps

Building wraps are designed to be super-large to catch the eye from some distance away, and you need a specialist team who can help you get the most out of your advertisement by creating bold and dynamic printed displays. At Superchrome, building wraps are created using digital technology that allows us to print large images without losing tone or sharpness of definition. This means that we can create an image which will appeal to your customer base, and communicate your message loud and clearly.

Weather proof and durable building wraps

Now that building wraps are more and more common in city centres, retail areas and construction sites, many businesses are curious about exactly how these building wraps work, and how effective they are at promoting a company or product. These super-size banners are produced using waterproof eco-solvent or latex inks, and often printed on vinyl or mesh which is designed to be durable even in the harsh British weather. The building wraps are then secured to the building in such a way that they will be clearly seen, even when it is wet and windy. We also seek to use the most environmentally friendly of structures and designs in order to ensure that our building wraps are second-to-none.

Contact Superchrome for quality building wraps

We use only the highest quality digital technology to produce building wraps using the latest printing techniques, which gives displayed images and messages clarity and sharpness. Our expert teams are also here to advise you on the types of materials that are suitable for building banner wraps, and can help you to create a design which will stand out. We have years of experience in preparing and manufacturing these products, and can, after carrying out a detailed site survey, calculate exactly the right size for your building's situation and exposure to the elements.

So, when you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, contact Superchrome on 020 7237 9333 or email You can also have a live chat on this website if you have the time.



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