REFLECTIVE directional sign by PLALIGHT

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If you want to place directional signs on your city street or at the entrance gate of your office or in the passageways of your institution, then buy reflective directional signs from Superchrome. We are a leading digital printing company that supplies reflective directional signs and other reflective products that can be put to a variety of uses. Superchrome is now known as a reliable provider of advertising materials, as well as packaging and printing services.

 A reflective directional sign is ideal for leading or guiding travelers to their destination. Here at Superchrome, we offer reflective directional signs for various uses. Our present clientele for reflective directional signs include educational institutions, hotels, healthcare facilities, construction companies and industries.


At Superchrome, we offer reflective directional signs for both outdoor and indoor uses. Our interior reflective directional signs are exit signs, entrance signs, restroom signs and more. And our broad range of exterior reflective directional signs include traffic control reflective signs, temporary outdoor reflective directional signs, permanent directional signs and way finding reflective signs.

 By understanding the individual needs of each of our clients, we can supply the right type of reflective directional signs. We carry several models of reflective directional signs, of which freestanding, hanging and wall mounted are the most popular. The reflective directional signs we supply are of top quality and are made from two types of retro-reflective materials such as micro-prism and glass bead. Utilizing their unique micro-prismatic technology, these signs can glow radiantly even in the dark and effectively work all 24 hours a day.

 To know more about the reflective directional signs and other products we supply, please log on to You can contact us by calling 020 7237 9333or emailing us at


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