REFLECTIVE advertising truck-lettering

REFLECTIVE advertising truck-lettering by PLALIGHT

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Are you looking for a new platform to publicize your dynamic products? For one who deserves the best, Superchrome can supply something that is both unique and special. For a 24 hour advertising effect, you must surely try our reflective advertising-truck lettering, billboards and decals. Superchrome - your best source for reflective advertising materials - strives to design all types of mobile advertising materials such as reflective truck lettering and decals, motorcycle decals, car decals and boat decals.


With the reflective advertising truck lettering we sell, you can express yourself or promote a point of view or simply display your artistic sensibilities. Vehicle lettering, being the most cost effective way to convey your message, is in high demand these days. With a single investment in vehicle lettering you can advertise your business every time you drive.

We can install reflective letterings on your truck and even enliven them with stripes and other graphic designs. High performance cast PVC film is used for vinyl wording and designs. With computer dye cut process, each piece of PVC vinyl is carefully cut out and put together to create the final product, thus making it less liable to fading. More significantly, although we use high quality components, our rates are often lower than that of our competitors.

Our retro-reflective truck lettering has a deep rich colour tone in daylight and reflects brightly at night. It withstands every unfavourable outdoor element and will not peel off or fade.

We have with us plenty of fonts for you to choose from or if you have got a particular type of font you would like to use, please e-mail it to us. You can also choose one-colour or two-colour lettering. Contact our customer care desk immediately to place your orders by phone or e-mail.


Every file that you upload will be managed by an account representative to ensure that your order receives the attention it needs.