Scrolling signs

Scrolling signs

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        £88.00 + £75.00 GRAPHICS

Scrolling signs also called scrolling motion displays

Ideal for points of sale in store, our scrolling signs are ideal for any sales messages.With Chronoscroll your visual communication gets animated. Using movement for your images, logo or text, the Chronoscroll catche`s peoples`s eye and ensures their full attention. The elegant silver finish structure is fastened to the ceiling. The graphic panel, of any size, scrolls indefinitely.

Scrolling signs, also called scrolling motion displays, are an increasingly popular in store points of sale. At a time when customers decide most purchases while they are in the store, scrolling signs are an ideal way to display any sales messages in any retail environment – and a fantastic way to increase impulse purchases.

One of our best selling scrolling signs and the most reliable one is Chronoscroll. Available in a length up to 3m and 60 cm wide, Chronoscroll makes any visual communication animated, catching customers’ attention in the best possible way. Its elegant silver finish structure made of anodised aluminium is fastened to the ceiling while an electrical motor (220 volts) gives movement to the image and copy. The graphic panel made of canvas and of any size, scrolls indefinitely. Another great feature of the Chronoscroll is its weight – just 1.5 kg - making it easy to move around the store in different locations.

A new product in the UK starting at just £88.00 for the system and £75.00 for the graphic, Chronoscroll has a great potential for any retailer looking to improve their in store merchandising displays. For more information, call Superchrome on 020 7237 9333or email:

WIDTH : 60 cm
GRAPHICS SIZE : Depends on the customer`s choice
MATERIALS : silver anodised aluminium
WEIGHT : 1.5 kg
Electrical motor, 220 volts


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