Giclee, pronounced "zhee-clay," signifies a refined inkjet printing method that employs specialized large format printers and archival pigmented inks, archival watercolor papers and canvas. is the best source for exquisite Giclee fine art prints, featuring the most advanced imaging equipment and profiling technology.

Superchrome’s giclee fine art print is the ideal choice for established artists who are looking for a more lasting way of storing their valuable work. Superchrome’s other clients include photographers, art collectors, museums, galleries and more. Besides, we work with artists’ agents, photographers and connoisseurs of art. You can choose to have the Giclee art print on canvas, watercolor and satin papers. At Superchrome, we use fine acid-free 100% cotton and cellulose fine art papers and canvas and liquid laminates as protective coatings which provide ultraviolet and dust protection. Our pigment-based inks have a long lasting quality. You can choose low luster, satin or gloss varnish for your canvas Giclee prints and also specify framing and mounting options. takes pride in its state of the art HP, Epson and Encad printers that can meet both small format and large format printing requirements. Our printers guarantee color consistency, range, and rich images.

Superchrome has a panel of experts who can advise you on any giclee fine art print project you may have in mind. If you have your own images, upload them as digital files easily at our website, where we will test them for colour, resolution, and other vital information. At Superchrome, the images you provide are scanned and edited for clarity before printing. We also have a gallery of Giclee art prints from which you can make a choice.

You can make enquiries regarding our services at our toll free number or alternately e-mail us stating all your questions. At Superchrome you can place an order for limited editions of giclee art print reproductions of original artwork, personally signed by artists.


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