Backlit Display Manufacturers UK

Backlit Display Manufacturers UK

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Backlit Display Manufacturers UK Superchrome is one of the leading manufacturers of display systems and large format digital exhibition graphics in the UK. Superchrome has carved a niche for itself by providing quality display products and outstanding customer services.

Backlit displays have become immensely popular in promotional display industry. They have become indispensable tools in trade show exhibitions, bus shelters, malls, financial institutions, airports, restaurants and at special events. Attractive and eye-catching backlit displays can definitely create an incredible impact and easily catch the attention of the public.

At Superchrome, we recognize this trend and popularity of backlit displays. We design backlit displays for indoor, outdoor and billboard applications. Today, we have earned a reputation as the leading manufacturers of backlit displays in the UK. All our backlit displays meet industry standards.

At Superchrome, backlit displays are printed using high end digital printing and media technologies. We create backlit displays on special quality translucent material and laminate the backlit print for maximum durability. We can produce a wide variety of backlit displays of different sizes, shapes and styles. Our innovative range of backlit display products includes wall-mounted backlit displays, desktop backlit displays, motorized backlit displays and lenticular backlit displays. And customers also have options to select backlit display with a single or double scrolling mode, with a static face, or any combination of static and scrolling. We use excellent light source for every backlit display in order to be perceptible even from a long distance and in any light.

Wall mounted backlit displays can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are similar to wall hanging picture frames and are available in different configurations. Desktop models are portable and lightweight. Our motorized and lenticular displays ensure maximum visibility. Both can accommodate lenticular prints, either in landscape or portrait mode. They are ideal for tradeshows.

At Superchrome, we provide numerous backlit display options and solutions to suit your needs. We guarantee to produce high-quality, cost-effective backlit graphics to best meet your backlit display needs. If you want to know more about our backlit displays or if you would like us to create the perfect backlit display for your particular requirements, please contact us directly at our toll free number or send us an e-mail message.


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