Backlit Display Boxes

Backlit Display Boxes

Be seen in the dark by more potential customers with backlit display boxes by Superchrome, the leading large format printers and exhibition supply team in the UK. Superchrome is well known for fast turnaround times, excellent customer services and fantastic printing quality. If you need printing in a hurry, Superchrome is here to help.

Backlit Display Boxes

We design backlit display boxes to any specification, therefore if you are looking for something extraordinary; we are the team to choose!

Backlit Display Boxes and Superb Business Graphics

We print your business graphics, too! Our large format printers can print any size poster for your backlit display boxes. We create light boxes to any specification and have a selection in stock for you to choose. Would you like easily interchangeable graphics? That is no problem for Superchrome. We will design and create a light box so that you can easily remove and insert new posters. Superchrome design fantastic backlit display boxes in a variety of implementations. Choose from front loading, slide in or back loading to make it easy for you to change graphics. We are happy to design your light boxes to any specification and size. Standard sizes are A4 to A2.

Or choose an edge lit display box for something a little bit different.

Backlit Display Boxes and Duratrans by Kodak

Superchrome print your business graphics onto translucent film called Duratrans by Kodak. Your business graphics are mounted or sandwiched between two sheets of high quality, diamond polished acrylic, and placed into backlit display boxes of your choice. Watch your business graphics leap into life when they are backlit. They become three-dimensional and really stand out! It will add a third dimension to your advertising when lit from behind. Fifty percent more customers will see your advertising message as backlit boxes can be seen in the dark! The extra illumination makes them attractive in the daytime. Use them at bus stops, exhibitions, shopping centres, airports and more.

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