Acrylic Screen Printing

Looking for acrylic screen printing for your exhibition? Superchrome is the expert in large format printing and we are ready to serve you. We supply and print the following items for your exhibition:

Acrylic Screen Printing
  • Signage
  • Flag banners, PVC banners, mesh banners
  • Banner Stands
  • Exhibition display boards
  • Self-adhesive floor graphics
  • Acrylic screen printing on any substrate

If you are looking for something else, do not hesitate to contact us. Our graphic designers can create fantastic and original displays of any dimension to make an outstanding exhibition display. We stock silver and gold film for printing and that really attracts customers.

Superchrome Acrylic Screen Printing for Outdoor Exhibitions

Are you holding an outdoor exhibition or event? Choose acrylic screen printing for your banners as they are guaranteed to dry fast and last longer. Screen printing using acrylic inks ensures more ink is used than normal. Acrylic inks dry faster than normal printing inks so the lettering becomes weather resistant and waterproof in record time. Acrylic screen printings adds a density of colour to canvas prints, banners and makes business advertising easy.

Acrylic Screen Printing and Signage Solutions for All

Are you looking for longer lasting signage? Why not order acrylic screen printing? Acrylic is the lightweight alternative to glass and the bonus is that it will not smash! It is easy to hang and Superchrome supplies a choice of standoff or invisible fixings. Acrylic screen printing also looks modern and fresh. For a contemporary design, we print your advertising or brand onto photo paper or self-adhesive film and carefully bond to remove any air bubbles. We sandwich your image between two acrylic boards and attach the fixings.

The up to date design, three dimensional effect and stunning acrylic ink colours will sell your products repeatedly. Acrylic screen printing is proven to last a lifetime and can be wiped clean. It protects your prints from damage, fading and tearing too.

Order Acrylic Screen Printing from Superchrome today

Are you ready to order a beautiful acrylic screen printing from Superchrome or would you prefer to speak to one of our graphic design team or customer services?

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